Tuesday, November 29, 2011

West Love Fest

Today, 2 events regarding Daisy & Elm will happen simultaneously. And they will both occur in California...but will hopefully create a ripple effect across the country, radiating out to anyone with Internet access.

The first is Cathy @ Antsy Pant's posting of the very last Movember item...a Daisy & Elm original mustache necklace! Pictures always tell more than words so I'm sending you over to her world to check it out. Be the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to prostate and testicular cancer research, and you may call this whimsical and very appropriate piece yours!

The second is Surferwife's post about her favorite businesses, just in time for Cyber Monday. She is posting a new business every hour, with D&E making a debut at 2 PM, her time! And because I believe in getting just as much as you're giving, there is special offer to all Surferwife readers. So jump on over to check out all of her beloved businesses, but stay to get the code you'll need for a little extra D&E lovin'!

We are leaving in 17 minutes to make the 7-hour drive back from Chicago. As long as I'm not driving, I can still answer emails and tweets about either of these offers. And thank you ladies for asking me to be a part of them! I love being enabled to do what I adore most!


Are you tracking?