Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Mo' Shaving

This photo was taken when Neal returned home from Kuwait in 2009. He had been home for about a week and hadn't shaved since his boots landed on the front door mat. It is the most hair I've ever seen on my husband's face and I made him shave it shortly after this photo was taken because sand paper on my own hairy porcelain face hurts! But what he doesn't know (and I don't think I'll tell him until his stateside arrival) is...we are both going to have to take one for the team this month because...


I was actually unaware of the campaign to raise awareness for the cancers that affect men, mainly testicular and prostate. But I think that men, more than women, should be hyper-aware of the need to schedule that annual exam. Women bitch about it, schedule it, bitch about it some more, go to it, and then bitch about it some more over margaritas and shoe shopping afterwards (and if that's not how you roll, you should definitely give it a go). But trying to get a man to book his annual exam is like trying to get Ken Burns to create a documentary featuring the Kardashians.

OK...that is not true for all men. Neal, for example, gets a lovely written reminder in the mail from the VA letting him know it's time. And then he gets additional mail and then phone calls. I guess the Army likes to know what they're dealing with regarding their active duty Soldiers. But it's time to create a catchy marketing campaign to encourage men to get their "pen and bubbles" checked (sorry, I'm a glass of wine in and just saw the new episode of "New Girl"...which...if you aren't watching, you should be. Zooey Dascheaenael and I are going to be BFFF soon). So, out with the pink and in with the sky bleu for the boys! 

I will not be hosting a Blue Campaign over at D&E..I'm doing the butterfly stroke in Christmas orders currently. BUT I will be creating one lovely item for this chick (that's not derogatory...she's a "From the Sidelines chick" too): 

She's Cathy @Antsypants and she's hosting an auction with handmade goodies through the month of November to raise money for prostate cancer research. This makes her a MoSista, helping her MoBros in need. This makes me a MoSista, too, because D&E is donating something to the cause! I can't tell you what it is, but every MoSista I know is going to need one. 

So, head on over to check out the auction rules and get ready for a hair-raising good time (I'm thinking of challenging Neal to a hair growth contest by refusing to shave my leg hair. That would make it a hair-racing good time!). 

And if you would like to pimp this cause on your own social media sites, I'm sure Cathy would be down for that. It's for the boys, after all! Let's hear it for the boys.....


  1. Thanks for joining this mission. Mitchell is still recuperating from his prostate surgery in August - doing, well, thanks for asking.

    It is SO curable if you catch it early, which thankfully we did. DRE and PSA are absolutely a must if your man is 45 or older - and it ain't gonna kill him to get tested earlier than that. It needs to be our mission to drag them kicking and screaming for testing annually ... well, if you want to keep them around!

  2. ahhhh!! This is the best! Thanks for spreading the word AND making a little something for the auction!

  3. New Girl is my very favorite new show of this season. Even Ryan loves it, which is saying something because he's not a sitcom kind of guy. We laugh our asses off at this show though. Awe. Some. that you referenced the pen and bubbles.

    I forgot to tell Ryan to stop shaving. I'm pretty sure he'll be right on board. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Yay for Daisy and Elm stuff! I love it. LOVE it.
    Has anyone ever told you how adorable you guys are? Cuz really. You both are.

  5. Jarrod is also participating in Movember....He has a goatee, but now he's growing a full beard. At first I wasn't a fan, but now that he's starting to look a bit like Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall I'm okay with it ;)


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