Friday, November 4, 2011

Rippin' Up River Street

As you read this, I'm barreling down Highway 16 with some of my comrades in camo, headed for a conference in Savannah. We fought tooth and nail to secure this workshop. Our first one, last May, was canceled due to lack of funding. And this one was slow to take off the ground. But it's a family event and the best time to host family support events is during a deployment. I had already told Neal that if this workshop got canceled, I was writing a letter to the higher higher higher higher headquarters. I don't know who the hell that would be...but they would be hearing from me. I don't think that's the threat that officially launched the weekend...but maybe we won't tell my over-inflated ego that.

Anyway, the last time I was in Savannah was over a year ago...when Shana and I braved the city during Halloween. We had our fortunes read...

adorned some fangs...

drank a lot...

saw things for which there is no explanation...

got hit on by Gumby...

and I cured myself of Yellow Fever with Paula Deen's Sunday brunch...

I don't know what the weekend holds for us but we will be running head-on into thousands of runners from the PF Chang's 1/2 marathon. But something tells me that we won't see them Friday night at Paula Deen's. At least that's still safe.


  1. Of course Gumby hit on you. Clearly, he is turned on by the fangs.

  2. Have a smashing good time! And tell those marathoners to get the heck out of your way! Just because they can't eat lard, doesn't mean everyone should suffer!

  3. That's a pretty good description of Savannah any time - but on Oct. 31 you get better costumes! Enjoy.

  4. LUCKYYYYY Tell Paula I said "HEY GIRRRRRL!" and enjoy yourself! ox

  5. The brunch photo looks fantastic. Yum!

  6. Say HI to Savannah for me!!! My old stomping grounds.....


  7. Paula Deen...I love her. LOVE. I might have a crush on her.


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