Friday, November 25, 2011

Random Musings Friday

I was going to pimp Shana's new Random Musings Friday-specific blog button for this post, but I can't find it. So I'm going to give her approximately 24 hours to get it to me before I pick a random photo from our ShanAlly Chronicles. Although I will pick a skinny picture of the both of us....

1) As we were lying in bed the other night, me slogging through a Stieg Larrson novel on the Nook and Neal playing 80's music videos on Youtube, he turned to me and said, "This Bieber guy has a video with 6 million views in the past week. That's like 2 hits every second. It can't possibly be that good. Now here's a good band...Mike and the Mechanics. That's a video worth 6 million views in a week."

Indeed. All I need is a miracle.

2) While we were hanging with friends earlier this week, I shared the fact that the only German I remember from college is underwear in German translates to bathroom pants. Wonder Woman's daddy took this and ran with it.
Make sure you put on clean bathroom pants in case you're in an accident.
Victoria's Secret is running a sale on bathroom pants. 
He was hanging from the flag pole by his bathroom pants. 

I nearly peed my bathroom pants. 

3) Our Thanksgiving gathering includes 3 children around the age of 5 and a bunch of adults (who mostly belong to the 3 kids). Neal, who does not have any children in the mix, was wallering (which I believe is my grandmother's bastardization of the word wallow) with all 3 of them on the couch. There was screaming and flailing. My aunt leaned over and hollered, "Neal! You won't let them hurt you, will you?" Which made us all erupt into laughter because he just returned from a war zone where insurgents were actively trying to kill him and my aunt is worried about 3 5-year olds who weigh about 100 lbs collectively.

4) We received a box of thank you goodies in the mail on Tuesday. It included the best bagels I've ever had, as well as several kinds of chocolate, smoked salmon and babka. It was my first taste of babka. Once you've had babka, you never go back.

5) I'm now logging off so that we can get on the road to Chicago. It's been several years since we've seen the Christmas decorations in Chicago and we haven't visited Queen Elizabeth since the last deployment. Also, I'll be knocking off another item on the 101 list....walking out on the Sears Willis Tower ledge. It's 6 hours of 4-lane roads...better get crackin'.

Happy Day After! May your pants be loose and your leftovers just as delicious.
Turkey pie...turkey spaghetti...turkey loaf...turkey lasagna...turkey jello...turkey and waffles...


  1. Haha! Number 3 especially cracks me up!
    And I'm with Neal...Beiber isn't worthy of that many hits. Unless they are in his face, than that would be fine.
    Now, off to get my bathroom pants changed.

  2. I may have said this before.... I used to attend a conference in Chicago in early December every year. I just loved the white lights on the trees along North Michigan Avenue. By the way, have you tried Garretts' Popcorn Shop? There are a few; one is on North Michigan. Their cheese and caramel corn mixed together is to die for.

  3. There is nothing like an adopted "uncle" to waller with the kids! Everyone loves it - especially the parents who get a few minutes of freedom.

    Enjoy your trip. I have a whole list of restaurants for you at HHI. Will comment it to you in a few days!

  4. I hope you all had a blast in Chicago and didn't waller too much about the weather! Safe travels!

  5. I always come here for the laughs and you always deliver :)

    Though I'm not sure about the whole bathroom pants. You may be completely right, but the only word for underwear that i know is "unterhosen" which literally means "under pants." What's the other word?

    Happy to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and saffet travels on your trip! XOXO


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