Monday, November 21, 2011

Screw Cowbell...We Need Mo 'Stache!

There are some truly talented marketing geniuses working in the U.S. right now. Specifically, I'm thinking of the individuals responsible for the Old Spice guy, the Mayhem guy, and whomever convinced a mess of (or mess'a...depending on your geographical location) moms to meet up for sparkly vampires at midnight...without their tweens. Then there are the PR firms responsible for educating the public on their health....the condom folks, the quit smoking organizations, and the posse of PINK people (who have watched their breast cancer awareness campaign morph from pretty in pink into a myriad of sexual innuendos and baseball analogies). The newest (and most beloved to me) is Movember...brought to us by the Mo'brothas and Mo'sistas of the crusade to heighten awareness about prostate and testicular cancer.

Although, technically, Neal could get breast cancer, I am pretty safe from both prostate and testicular cancer. And because I will never have it, I know nothing about it. Which means I can't effectively nag Neal about going for exams. But when he looks in the mirror (from now until 30 November) and sees the caterpillar building a home above his lip, he will remember that there was something he was supposed to schedule.

Because I think that Neal bears an uncanny resemblance to Ron Jeremy or any mid-30's, Mario-Kart playing, cheese puff-eating man still living in his parents' basement (and I can't look at him without laughing or singing brown-chicken-brown-cow in my head), I feel the burning need to explain to every person we encounter about the bristly bro-stache. And, believe it or not, most people already know about Movember. So, to the marketing team behind this, good job! It's working! 

Without further ado, I bring you 9 days of growth. We're a little late to this party, but y'know how the Army feels about hair of any kind.
This is a good example of how super sneaky I can be on the new stealth mode setting of the silentsnap app on my phone. Thank you, Hutch....and look out people of Walmart!

Because I can't pass up the opportunity to do a little charity work through Daisy & Elm (and because it was so much fun to create), Cathy @ Antsy Pants 2.0 is auctioning off a D&E original for Movember. The auction begins 28 November! But you don't have to wait until then! She has been auctioning items (with 100% of the proceeds going to research for the cancers affecting men) all month. Every item is handmade and beyond beautiful. In addition, she's accepting cash donations to her Mospace page - all to benefit cancer research. And should you want to start to following along with her own mustache experiment, Jordan (who I am going to just start referring to as Jord-ache) makes a weekly appearance with his own dash of stache.

For the record, 30 November can't come fast enough. We cannot have a serious conversation when all I can think is brown-chicken-brown-cow (or bow-chicka-bow-bow...for those of you who haven't quite put it together yet).


  1. Crap. YOU are the reason I am afraid to go to WalMart! :)

  2. bwahahaha! Jord-ache!

    That's NINE days of growth? Good lord. Jordan's 'stache won't look that good by the end of the month. Poor guy. He was embarrassed to go to work on Monday. I told him it's only a 3 day work week so he can tough it out. Of course then we head down to see his family for Thanksgiving and I know they'll all make fun of him too.

    Anyway, thanks for the shout-out! I can't wait to auction off the D&E original!!

  3. There are so many mo's around here that I barely even raise an eyebrow... from handlebars to old-timey twisty 'staches.
    Its actually pretty awesome.

  4. Okay, ready?

    That's NINE days of growth? Good lord. Ryan's 'stache looks like that after three days. ;) But really, he can only grow hair in the goatee area. And then he has what I call his "blush" where he grows these little patches on his cheeks. It's kind of darling. I'm sure he's pleased that I shared that with the group.


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