Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh For Pete's Sake

I wrote the below post yesterday morning, right before we left Chicago...with every intention of publishing it somewhere around Indianapolis. Except that I completely forgot. And then I was befuddled as to why I wasn't getting any comments on it. Until I just went in to write this morning's post and discovered it still sitting there....patiently waiting to be published. But both of these offers are still good. My offer for Surferwife's readers is valid until the end of the year and Cathy's Movember auction doesn't end until 9 PM CT. I believe the bidding is at $18.00 right now....which is still, y'know...super cheap! Now, off to have another cuppa because clearly I'm still a little foggy from the weekend. Happy Tuesday!


  1. So are you home now?? And where is that exactly these days....because I can't begin to keep track, lol! Hugs!

  2. Ok, so here are places for you to eat in HHI: Crane's Tavern, Catch 22, Stellini's, Mezzaluna, Frankie Bones, Marley's, Kingfisher, One Hot Mama's, Smokehouse, Red Fish, and Signe's. All good.

    Haven't been to Savannah since I started looking at graves with new eyes, but that is a good suggestion. Hope all is well.


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