Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Know When You Need One...

Gratituesday, that is. I'm linking up with Amy @ PBJDreamer and forcing myself to find 10 things to be grateful for this week. Y'know you need a Gratituesday when it takes you 3 days to write the post.

10. The men came to set up the scaffolding for the demolition this morning. They got one section built before it started raining sideways. They left the rest of the scaffolding leaning against a tree and went...wherever construction workers go to wait out the rain. It's been sunny for over an hour. I think if they fail to return, the scaffolding becomes mine, right?

Free scaffolding to install in my house? FABULOUS.

9. Yesterday was Patty the Prius' quarterly lube job (I'm glad someone is getting lubed around here). I forget that the Toyota dealership in Lexington washes the cars after the oil change is finished.

Letting someone else wash my filthy, buggy, I-75 traveling car? FABULOUS.

8. We have approximately 20 total feet of greenspace around the townhouse. 3 of those feet are on the back patio and covered in weeds. Last Saturday, it was overcast and cool enough to finally do something about it.
Having a less weedy place to enjoy my margaritas? FABULOUS. 

7. I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 days in Georgia. And DivaVee made me workout every day...which is exactly what I needed to motivate myself into continuing when I returned to KY. 

Dropping another 2 lbs due to crazywoman's workout motivation? FABULOUS.
6. Last week I finally launched my new Daisy & Elm website. I've been working on this since January. At the last minute, I had my logo redesigned and I adore both the logo and the website. 
Taking the next step to having a successful business? FABULOUS. 

5. We are on a countdown to Paris and I will see Neal in just under 6 weeks. I have cried a lot of tears over when and if this R&R would even happen. 

Having an airline ticket for Paris with my name on it? FABULOUS. 

4. Last month, Mama Virgo and I snaked the dryer vent in the townhouse. The dryer is on the second floor so I bought a complex system of hose extensions to reach up and through the house. When I took the outside cover off of the dryer vent, I reached my hand in and smacked it into the back of the dryer. 

Finally finding out something is less complicated than you expected. TOTALLY FREAKING FABULOUS. 

3. I mailed a package to a client that somehow was delivered to the wrong city entirely. But I add tracking to everything I ship and so it found its way to the rightful owner 24 hours later. 

Seeing that additional 70 cents finally pay off? FABULOUS. 

2. The last time my sister visited me for more than 36 hours, she was dating the man she would marry. That was over 10 years ago. 2 kids and 2 moves later, she is planning a trip to Kentucky for the first week in August. I fully appreciate that it is difficult to travel with 2 small kids...especially when it involves a 10-hour drive. However, this trip is way overdue. 

Getting to bead, craft, scrapbook, and show my sister around the local vineyards for a week? FABULOUS.

1. Last weekend, I had an ugly-face cry with Neal on Skype. Partially estrogen-driven and partially general contractor-driven, I hysterically sobbed about how I am so sick of this effin' house and its effin' brick and the effin' contractor. The very next sentence out of Neal's mouth was, "What's his phone number?" My knight in shining kevlar came riding in from the east to defend my honor and get my back. 

Having my husband support me in every way he can, even from thousands of miles away, even in the middle of a warzone? FANFUCKINTASTIC! 

Go visit Amy for a few more positive thoughts on this dreary Tuesday afternoon!


  1. Your list is great!! I love that you're looking for that silver lining with the scaffolding. LOL

  2. Hugs!!!! I loved your countdown list! Sorry people have been irritating and your house a pain!! Gotta love Mr. Army Man though!!!!!

    More hugs!

  3. Oh! And I'm going to Paris too!!! In November, but still! It's only an 8 hour drive from where I live!

  4. #1 made my tear up a bit, sleep deprivation is not a good look for me.

    Have I told you about my fascination with emptying dryer lint collector things?

    Yay for sister time!! AND I've said it previously, but I'll keep saying it...LOVE your new site!

  5. ((hug)) Happy Tuesday :) Let's do lunch soon!

  6. What a wonderful list. If I were to make a list this week, you would be on it!

  7. You're number one brought me to tears. I'm the daughter of an air man, and totally get it from that perspective. Without Dad around, it's all females. Sometimes you just need a man. What a guy you've got!

  8. Awwww I am so sorry about #1. What an awesome hubs you have! :)

    #3 sounds oddly familiar..haha. I LOVE the necklace and I get so many compliments on it! I am so glad it made its way to me! I have worn it every Friday with my RED!! ...and a few days in between :)

    I checked out the new site and I just love it! I am sensing a sparkle ring in my future....

  9. #1 - made me a bit teary as well.
    #4 - this is a phenomenon that I have yet to experience in my house.
    #5 - YAY PARIS!

  10. Awe girl, your list is fabulous!

    I hope it brought you as much peace and contentment as mine does for me!!

    that is all

  11. Dude, seriously? Warn me before you write something like this: "I'm glad someone is getting lubed around here." It's like you want me to choke and die on my water. HOLY COW, are you ever hysterical.

    Also, congrats on the new site, girl. It looks beautiful :)

    Eeeeep, 6 weeks will be here before you know it! YAY! And I'm so glad your knight in shining armour came through for you. LOVE that.


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