Monday, July 18, 2011


I have been known to attend a sporting event or 2.

Like this one...

White Sox vs. Red Sox (back when Manny was still a Red Sox-er) 2007 

and this one...

U.K. versus somebody (it was freezing rain at the tail end of football season and all I wanted was hot chocolate and a couch)

and this one twice a year: 

Keeneland Horse Racing in Lexington...where the hats are big, the skirts are short, the drinks are strong, and there is money to be won on every race.

And sometimes I make adorable team jewelry like this:

and this...

and of course, these...

The point is, I don't often blog about my love for sports because a) most chicks just don't dig sports and b) I am not an expert on any sport so most of my ramblings have to do with my pathetic betting strategy at the track or how nice that tight end's tight end is. 

But Hutch is about to change all of that (Happy 200th Post, by the way, Hutch!). She has assembled a collective of female bloggers, who have varying sports interests, into one blog called From the Sidelines: Chicks Tackle Sports, Fandom, and Fitness. And I am one of the chicks! So in addition to the rip-roaring fun we have at 400 Wake-ups and Magnolias& Mimosas, we are adding more to the mix. When you can't have babies at the moment, the next best thing is a new blog. Or a puppy. But I don't scoop anyone's poo with my bare hands so blog it is! 

Please pop over to visit us, follow us, find us on Twitter, and read our sports insights and ramblings. You can leave your pink jersey at home, but bring your game face.


  1. I wanna go to the horse races with you. It looks so stinkin' fun!! :)

  2. I never thought one of my ideas would be better than a new pup, but then the poop thing? I get that! I'm hoping to partake in the horse race experience this fall!

  3. Sounds like fun. I bet you will find lots of chicks who are interested in sports at some level - you don't have to play to enjoy, you know.

    Hope all is well. No champagne last week? had me worried.

  4. This chick loves sports and espeically that precious TN necklace you show above! Love it! :)

  5. So awesome that you girls are doing this and I can't wait to see what comes of this blog. You girls rock my world!

    PS: How in the hell are you writing three blogs? I get overwhelmed thinking about my one!


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