Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Momma Bear Weighs In

I hope you will forgive me, but I have decided to dwell on Sunday's news just a little bit longer. You are probably bored to tears with all of the press coverage and the news conferences where journalists pick apart each tiny detail until you just want to scream "ENOUGH!!!" I had that moment today and it occurred after just 15 minutes of CNN. How many times must you be told "I cannot give out any additional details without compromising the security of our troops"??? Let it go, press corp...let it go.

Anyrant, I am posting 2 guest bloggers over today and tomorrow. I am doing this because I think Americans as a whole can be excessively short-sighted and self-absorbed. These are 2 viewpoints that you might read in Time Magazine, but I know them personally and they have been kind enough to share their feelings on the death of Osama bin Laden.

Today, I bring you Tami of Boyette Babble Time. If Tami's name looks familiar, it is because she is Cpl. Chad Wade's mom.

Chad is a Marine who was killed in action in Afghanistan on 1 December, 2010. Chad is survived by his mom, Tami, and his beautiful bride, addition to many, many family members and friends who loved him dearly. I asked Tami what, if any, closure and peace this news brings to her. And here is what she had to say....

Hmmmm... I guess it could be summed up in two words, "cautiously excited". While it is great that one of the worst masterminds behind terrorism is now dead, I know it's not over. There is still much to be done. I've had lots of people ask me how I feel and if I feel justice has been served. Well, it's hard to answer that completely, but I will say that while it will never make it okay or make up for the loss of my son, there is a kind of vindication that comes from knowing they have been crippled up. It's a very difficult situation to be in and very hard not to want to hate, but there is no time for hate. If I allow myself to get lost in hatred or vengeance then "they" win. I won't allow that! Al Qaeda is made up of hatred (in my opinion) so I won't give them the satisfaction. Besides, I still have lots of bonus kids fighting the fight and still in harms way and until each and every one is back on US soil, not only will I not rest, but I will not get lost in the hatred and vengeance of it all. None of those things will bring my son back or any one's loved ones that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. It won't heal those who have been physically and mentally wounded. It won't make those visions that my "bonus" boys will have in their heads the rest of their lives go away. What it does do is gives us a little satisfaction that this horrible person can never hurt anyone (personally himself) again. Yes, he has those followers that will want to pick up where he left off and he has those that he mentored that will try to carry on his mission and take revenge on the US, but we will be ready. Our men and women will be ready. They are now (hopefully) rejuvenated a touch to carry on. Hopefully their morale is lifted somewhat that they truly are seeing progress with this recent accomplishment and seeing what they accomplished in Iraq and are trying to accomplish in Afghanistan. Is this over? NO! Not by a long shot, but it is a step. A huge step! I am so proud of my son and all his brothers that served side by side with him and the brothers I don't know, but support. It's because of you that we can even take a few minutes to celebrate in our hearts that this evil man is now dead. I will limit my celebrating (if no one minds) for when all our men and women are safe and out of harms way and personally for me, all my bonus kids that are still in Iraq or Afghanistan. Don't loose focus guys! Keep your head down and know that you have a warrior angel that is trying really hard to help watch out for you and you have lots of prayers from over here for each and every one of you. We won't rest until you can. Much love, "momma bear"

Thank you, Tami! You have a perspective that very few know and we appreciate you sharing it with us! xoxo 


  1. I love this perspective! It's hard not to celebrate especially when thinking back on what started this 10 years ago. I'd like to think there's a day when all our soldiers will be back, but the pessimist in me has a hard time seeing it. Why can't we live in a peaceful world?

  2. I'm with Hutch. She said just about everything I want to say. I have a hard time seeing a peaceful world...I kind of think there won't be. :(

  3. How touching... how poignant...

    'Peace,' I would imagine, is subject to many different definitions.

    Thank you for bringing this to your readers.

    May God Bless...


  4. Thanks for the guest blogger...I enjoyed reading Ms. Tami's perspective. Much love to our warriors and those that have perished in this fight...May God protect them all...

  5. I am so glad you shared this with us girl. Again I state that my first thought was fear, because I know it isn't over, not of celebration, not just yet. It feels like a stepping stone, not a final thing.

  6. Thanks for sharing this.

    SO many thoughts on this but she said it perfectly for me too

    that is all

  7. Thank you all for your kind words and support. My sister Tami is pretty amazing and she speaks from her heart, she is the MOST selfless person I know. She loves once she loves forever!!! I have learned so much from her and after reading this in her blog I learned even more. I love you Tami you are my Hero... Paige


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