Friday, May 20, 2011

Champagne Friday: 2 is Always Better Than 1

Cheers to you! Happy Champagne Friday! 

Normally, I go all out and pick up a chilled bottle of Liquor Barn's finest $5.00 champagne. But today, I think I'll get the $7.00 bottle because hallelujah and pass the flask...the sun finally broke through the doom and gloom. I feel like I'm smack dab in the middle of a Jimmy Dean commercial. Way to take your own advice, Mr. Sun! 

Also, I've been hassling Neal for more pictures...which, admittedly, are hard to come by these days (please see last week's post on how to effectively endanger our troops). But he did send me this one last night. 

 The 2 barriers in the back feature the 143rd's (the unit above us) emblem on the left and our unit's emblem on the right (yes...we are the flaming screw. I would like to direct all of your questions to either Mama Bear or Medusa because I honestly have no idea what that's all about. Something having to do with transportation or logistics....or what happens when you pick up chicks in a bar...). But I would like to now focus your attention on the barrier in the front because that, my friends, is awesomesauce straight out of the jar. And I wish they could bring it home and fasten it to the front door. Many thanks to the amazing and talented SPC who made it happen. You did well! 

I've been on Neal's camo'd butt about art photos because I am trying to submit some pictures to The Graffiti of War Project. If you are unfamiliar with the G of W, it is a project started by "Doc" and Melissa Parsons to collect photos of the artwork created by units deployed to the Middle East. When they have enough for a book, they will compile it, publish it, and donate the proceeds to various organizations that support the military and the invisible wounds of war, like PTSD. Regardless of whether any of my photos make it into the finished product, I will still buy the book. But how sweet would it be to see this photo in there! 

In other news, Tami @ Boyette Babble Time has named her foundation, launched the blog and the Facebook page. Wings for Our Troops "in loving  Memory of CPL Chad S Wade," has taken flight and has done so at a fortuitous time. Chad's unit arrived home from Afghanistan this week and Chad would have celebrated his birthday next Wednesday. Tami and her family continue to represent bravery in the face of unimaginable tragedy as they travel to Camp Pendleton for Chad's memorial service, which will be held on his birthday. 

And now...on to the goods. I am posting 2 R.E.D. items today because everything has sold so quickly that I'm taking it as a sign. If you make it...they will buy it. So...See it. Love it. Click over to the fan page and let me know so you can buy it. Then proudly wear your R.E.D.! 

 May your weekend be filled with a million tiny blissful moments. 


  1. I like looking back through archives of the art painted on the military aircraft of WWII... I guess the one that comes to mind first was the nose of the P-40... flown by the Flying Tigers in Burma...

    Last Saturday, while running errands, I passed a local funeral home. The front was all adorned with American Flags and motorcycles of that group that provides escorts at funerals... I regret that I don't know their name.

    Anyway, I came home and looked up the obituaries for my area... A 92 year old veteran of WWII had died. He came to the U.S. from China when he was 13 years old... and when Japan invaded China during the onset of the war, he joined the Flying Tigers and served throughout the war.

    After the war, he came back home to the States, opened one of just many Chinese groceries in our area... and went about the rest of his Life raising and supporting his family.

    I don't know where this came from... I guess talking about the nose art of the P-40s... oops...


  2. What a wonderful blog today and thank you! You are so sweet and I still can't believe we've never met face to face. I hope that changes one day soon. Thank you for everything. Love you, momma bear.

  3. Love the red jewelry


    awesome with a side of awesome

    that is all

  4. So pretty! I'm gonna buy something red one of these days because guess what. I always wear red on Fridays! :)
    Could you tell me what that sign means?? I like it.

  5. Biggest, brightest and newest red shirt I own today! It felt so right. Cheers!

  6. So much stuff in one little blog post! Love the artwork too....and the quasi definition of the flaming screw bit, lmao!!

    Cheers to you too girlfriend! It is already past 6pm New Zealand time, so I think we should be OK for the whole the-world-is-ending-today-thing!! Those cars and RVs are going to have ZERO re-sale value now...........

  7. Love the red jewelery! The red ring looks like something that I could use to cast a spell on a particularly hateful coworker. Please advise whether this item has the ability to give the shingles to haters and I will be on Etsy in a flash!

  8. Mama Bear here... the flame has something to do with shooting or bombs or something my brain is not working at the moment, (it is summer vacation now after all).. anyway the screw is because we are a maintenance unit and screws have to do with maintenance.
    Love the picture.


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