Friday, May 6, 2011

Champagne Friday & The Big Reveal

Happy Champagne Friday!

Wow...that is the first time that I have felt like I truly gave up something important for Lent. Although Red Wine Fridays were lovely (how could they not be, thankyouverymuch, Yellowtail Shiraz), there is just something jubilant about ending the week with bubbles in a flute. While each day we are alive is a celebration, I think we forget to actually celebrate it routinely. Champagne Friday is my gentle reminder to wrap my jiggly arms around each one of life's moments. 

Also, today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I have felt oh so appreciated as I had lunch with a dear friend and received a long strand of freshwater pearls in the mail today. (OK they were supposed to be for Mother's Day, but why let them waste away in a box when I could be wearing them for the weekend's activities?) And what a weekend it is going to be! When you squeeze Military Spouse Appreciation Day, the Kentucky Derby, Mother's Day, and U.K. graduation all into the same weekend, there is bound to be an opportunity for pearls. I have yet to select the appropriate hat for tomorrow's Run for the Roses, but I have pearls! 

Also...I have been dangling the promise of a big announcement all week...patiently waiting to release it until Champagne Friday. Here it is. 

Several years ago, someone introduced the idea of wearing red on Fridays to remember the troops who are deployed. They cleverly coined it R.emember E.veryone D.eployed. RED. Get it? This is why I don't work in advertising. One by the one, the idea caught on until it had circulated through my inbox on no less than 10 separate occasions. We were all wearing red on Fridays. And then one day someone wore blue because everything red was dirty. And then it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we wore pink. Then we forgot about wearing red on Fridays to Remember Everyone Deployed. 

I'm bringing it back! I have had at least 5,000 page views on my open letter to Obama and Congress, so I figure I am capable of going at least partially viral. It starts here. We are reviving R.E.D. Fridays! There is no better time to support our troops through wardrobe choices than now...while CNN reports that several pieces of reliable intelligence have already been acquired from the raid on bin Laden's compound. Even if you are too shy to chase down a Soldier to shake his or her hand...even if you do not know a single servicemember...even if you disagree vehemently with our presence in the Middle can still wear red on Fridays. It's a tiny gesture of silent support. And Daisy & Elm is getting this party started! 

Beginning today and lasting until the world runs dry of red beads, I will be posting a piece of red jewelry every Friday (my theory is more women will wear red if they own red, I'm working on something for you). I will put it on the blog, the fan page, and Twitter. Feel free to copy and paste into your own social networking sites in an effort to spread the word. If you purchase a piece of red jewelry on Friday (it does not have to be the piece on that can be any piece of red jewelry on any Friday), I will donate 50% to 1 of 3 military-based, non-profit organizations. If you purchase a piece of red jewelry on any of the other 6 days of the week, I will donate 10%. You pick which of the 3 organizations you would like to send the money to. At the end of each month, I will write a check to each organization for the total from that month. 

And now you ask, "What are the 3 groups?" 

The first is Military Missions. They are based here in Lexington, KY and started as a care package assembly group. They have grown into a full-blown military assistance organization with a slogan of "Reaching Beyond the Yellow Ribbon." They provide volunteers for Bingo at the V.A., raise awareness for invisible wounds like PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury, and host 2 major care package assemblies at Christmas and Easter. With all of that, it is still an incomplete list of activities, events, projects, and support systems in which Military Missions is involved. There is always a need for donations, in one form or another.

The second has yet to be named but is a project that was founded by Tami of Boyette Babble Time. While the details are still being filled in, essentially her foundation will help to provide plane tickets for our troops to go home before and after deployments. The myth that our servicemen and women rake in truckloads of cash (especially during deployments) is being perpetuated by many sources. For many troops, this is simply not true. When your family moves at least every 3 years, it is difficult for the spouse to constantly find new employment...resulting in an entire family living on one income. As many of you know firsthand, when you have children, that income can be stretched dangerously thin. Tami's mission is to make sure that every single man and woman in uniform has the financial means to see their families, both before and after deployments. I think it is an impressive and daunting task and I am happy to help in any way possible.

The third has yet to be determined. So if you have a local organization that could use a little financial assistance from time to time, then please leave the name of it in the comments section. I will settle on a third group next week.

For our first R.E.D. Friday, I bring you...

The Berry Special Servicemembers Ring

Wire-wrapped in 24-gauge wire and featuring a berry ball of bright red seed beads, this ring measures 7" but can be re-wrapped to fit any size finger. If you are interested in purchasing it, please come find my Facebook fan page and let me know. I realize it's fairly late in the day on a very busy weekend, so I will extend the 50% off until Sunday night. It is my goal to get Friday's item posted by 11 AM, though.

Thank you in advance for your support of organizations that support the military. It takes a village to defend a nation. 

Happy Champagne Friday and Go, Baby, Go! KY Derby in 25 hours!


  1. Thanks for lunching with me dah-ling! Love the RED fridays :) And that ring is super dooper cute!

  2. Just when I have settled into khaki and black as my go-to wardrobe, you want me to add red? Ok, happy to oblige. A great idea! Happy Friday, Ally. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. You are amazing - what a great initiative. I need to go shopping!

  4. LOVE IT. And it's about time I had something fancy to pimp in FB and Twitter.

  5. You and your generosity NEVER cease to amaze me! I'll make a deal with post on FB on Thursday nights to wear RED on Friday & I'll do it...promise!

    I've worked with before...they seem to be good. I have another friend that is an Army wife, I am POSITIVE she'll have some good Christian/Military organizations to suggest if you want me to ask her for your third choice.

    Also, I would suggest some kind of RED ribbon or something so that no matter what color you're wearing, you could wear that on Friday (or any other day) to remember those deployed....and one last suggestion, if you haven't done so already, make a album on your page for all of your red stuff so we (those who LUV your designs) can easily find that RED jewelry on Fridays!!!

    Love you! Let's do dinner soon!

  6. I'm in! I love it. I will also be contacting you to purchase some jewelry. I'm just not on FB at the moment, but may consider returning after the first of June. Thank you for making us all aware and count me in for Red Friday!

  7. This is awesome, friend! I love it, it's gorgeous and you are SO sweet for donating like that.
    I saw it sold really quickly on facebook. :)

  8. Yay for surviving without your bubbles, and yay for all that you have posted in here. I think that the small gesture of wearing Red on Fridays is a grand way of thinking and what a great way to show support!!! I love the idea and even though I wear red on Friday's during FB season [and Saturdays] I will get a special feeling of pride in putting on the AL colors not for the school but for the troops!

    Did you get to go to the Derby this year?!?! I thought of you :)

  9. What a fantastic thing. I'd never heard of RED Fridays, but I'll definitely be joining in this week!

  10. Yeah!!

    I will spread the word about Remember Everyone Deployed!!

    You are AWESOME

    that is all


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