Friday, May 13, 2011

Champagne Friday: I Am Seeing R.E.D.

Happy Champagne Friday, Bubble Lovers!

Is it just me or did this week sort of last FOOORRREEEVVVEERR?? Also the fact that it's 2 PM and I am just now getting today's R.E.D. item up and it has already sold is not my fault. I blame Blogger because...well, it is indeed Blogger's fault. It has been down since last night and now I've discovered that they lost all of yesterday's posts. (Note to self: back-up posts more frequently...or...begin backing up posts.) Fortunately, yesterday's post was neither lengthy nor all that earth-shattering. At least I hadn't written a Pour Your Heart Out only to have it vanish into thin binary code. 

Anybloggersucks, I hope everyone remembered to throw on something red today. I told Amy @ PBJDreamer that she was free to wear red underwear, although we may ask her to prove it. Because we're distrustful that way. Also, underwear photos are the new sexting. For my Friday R.E.D., I had to scrounge more than I thought I would. Apparently, somewhere between being a redhead and coming back around to blonde, I ditched most of my red clothes. But have no fear, I put a foot (or a sandal) back in the red direction today with these Payless beauties (and PSA, it's BOGO, people! Which reminds me...remember when BOGO = Buy One, Get One Free? First no more free shoes, then $4.00 gas. It's the beginning of the end).
 Thank you Google Images

Somehow, after shopping all over town yesterday and today, I had a really hard time finding anything red that I loved. But I don't have to be head-to-toe...just an accessory...or willing to photograph my underwear (which I wouldn't be because my father reads this blog). I can wear these everyday all summer long and be completely content. Until I break my ankle. 

If you remembered your R.E.D. today, I would love it if you attached a photo on my Daisy & Elm fan page wall!  And I promise to have someone photograph me tonight at the rehearsal dinner in my red. 

Now, on to the goods! (which have, as I mentioned, already sold. Sorryaboutthat). I generally don't work a lot with bead chips because they cause me to turn a certain shade of crazy. They are tiny, don't string well onto wire, and are sort of like putting a puzzle together (and I detest puzzles, but do them occasionally with Mama Virgo because supposedly a puzzle-a-day keeps the Alzheimer's away). However, I found the pendant first and went all ape in the middle of the store over the color (hooker red, who doesn't love that?), the design (it's right about this time that I wish I was picking shells off the beach instead shells in a retail store), and the shape (pendant will double as a weapon if you are approached in the Walmart parking lot). I just needed accompanying beads. And, both conveniently and obnoxiously, there they were....perfectly matching bead chips about 3 rows down.

So, because I support our troops, I made a necklace with bead chips. It caused me to mumble curse words at the cats and drink a little more than usual, but I love the end result...unique, tropical, and just the tiniest bit stabby.

Hooray to the new owner!

And cheers to you!! May the dog continue to potty outside instead of on your Pottery Barn comforter, may the children let you sleep late(r), and may your days be full of sun and umbrella drinks...for Monday comes way too soon.                    



  1. You crack me up! I love your blog today and can't wait to sport my new look. Yeah!

  2. So pretty!! Happy RED Friday! I'm wearing red, cuz I always wear red on Friday cuz I rule.
    And I typed that as "read" not red. DER!!!

  3. I don't own anything red...which I discovered after an extensive search. I have the same red hair issues of which you speak and all my red was tossed. However, this week I did order a red dress that I think will be perfect for our Champagne Friday celebration three Fridays from now...provided that it arrives on time and it fits. You know, minor details. I have red fingers and toes! Does that count? I have also been using red folders all day.

    Oh...hey...I just remembered I also have a fab red purse! Check me out...I'm all supportive and I don't even know it!

  4. Wilzie and I both wore red today...though mine may have been a bit on the "pink" side of red - but I am still counting it!

  5. You made me realize that I simply don't have enough red in my wardrobe, although I did just get my nails painted red yesterday.

  6. Thank heavens FTN thought of toes or I would be out of uniform. It was play day at work, so I went all turquoise in my new sport top - so sorry! I promise to do better next week. Happy weekend.

  7. I have on red undies today! I'll have to remember this for Friday as it seems I'm late to the party. Sorry!

    I love those shoes! Did Payless do away with the Buy One, Get One promo?! I haven't been there in ages but that was always a great deal. I have a few sandals from there that I'm always getting compliments on.

    Great work on the jewelry! You have no idea how excited I am to meet you--finally!--in just a few short weeks :)



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