Saturday, June 25, 2011

He's Got Kind Eyes

Thank you to everyone who let me know they couldn't post comments on the blog. Right now, I think it's just Hutch. Sorry Hutch. I know you still love me, even if I don't hear from you.

I am spending the weekend reading the 191 unread posts in my Google Reader and commenting on as many as I can. And then I am going to flesh out our r&r trip to Paris that is finally going to happen. So, I hope to return Monday with a surprise combo post with Neal. Until then, please enjoy his handsome face. I know I do.

OK, he looks a little cray-cray here....hold on...

Ah...that's better. Skype is saving my sanity for now and I'll be a sad panda when they lose their Internet as part of the shut-down process. But not as sad as Neal is now that they've taken away the generators that heat the shower water. Cold showers build character. Or...something....

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Uggh... those poor soldiers. I HATE cold showers.

    Though really, I hate no showers more. So at least they still have that!

  2. No dessert...losing internet...and now, cold showers??? That is nuts. But maybe it won't be so bad when it's 128 degrees out. Hang in there Captain'll be home soon.

  3. Cold showers. That's not right! R and R in Paris?! So jealous!

  4. Maybe it was just my work computer? I'm typing this assuming it's going to go through!

    Why are they taking the generators away? That just seems silly.

    What's the countdown to Paris?

  5. Just not soon enough! love to you both. Tell us about the R&R.

  6. I'm SO happy about the fact you've been able to Skype. He's such a cutie, A!!!

  7. OMG. No skype? NO HOT WATER. I'd die...I mean, maybe even a little more because of the internet.

  8. I am jealous of you and your fancy Skype technology! ;p

  9. Just when I think I couldn't respect soldiers any more than I already do, you go and say silly things like "no more hot water".

  10. I wish more Americans knew just what our men and women give up to serve on the frontines and at home. You are doing such a great job with everything and I hope shut-down mode means he will be coming home soon!

  11. Poor Neal!! That's how Iraq was in the beginning too. Thomas came home so skinny (no chow halls, one MRE a day) and kinda....fragrant, lol! Hugs to ya both!!!

    Paris?? Oh la la!!!!!

  12. Oh, poor Neal. No hot showers is pretty terrible :( BUT at least you both have a trip to Paris to look forward to. SOOOO excited for you guys--you deserve some nice time away together!

  13. I just don't understand why they are removing everything that makes deployment more tolerable. It seems ridiculously early to pull out HOT WATER...sheesh

    It kind of makes me angry.

    I wish I could use that anger to do something about it.

    Cold showers? It seems a bit like torture to me.


    that is all


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