Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Delta Thanks Soldiers By Charging Them

I try not to be all doom and gloom and Hooah, Hooah, We are Army! on this blog but I hope by now you have come to expect it to a certain degree. Also, the name of the blog is 400 Wakeups....anyone military-related knows what they are getting into. I do have several fantastic posts in the works about my week with Shana and the adventures we had with drag queens, Harry Potter, and the Staten Island natives, so today I will be posting twice. *collective gasp from the peanut gallery* I know, right? I try not to do that much because we are all very busy people and I feel like it is imposing. However, I cannot not put this out there for you all to act on.

This is a short Youtube clip that was posted by 2 Soldiers on a Delta flight home from Afghanistan yesterday. They explain the situation they encountered with Delta's business policies much better than I ever could. So, I'm going to let them tell it. It only takes 3 minutes.

Is that some shit or WHAT?? I have my own letter to Delta that I am composing right now. Something about a business negating a contract they have already signed and trying to make a few extra dollars off of the men and women who had just laid down their lives for them. I am not sure how anyone can view this video and feel like Delta did the right thing (although in the comments section of the Youtube video some idiot made the remark that they should not be complaining because they didn't get perks this time). If you feel like Delta Airlines has made a terrible mistake, I urge you to write them, as well. Personally, I refuse to fly them again until they pay that money back to those Soldiers in full. I am one person who flies maybe 3 times per year, but together, we are an Army of one.

Delta Air Lines, Inc
1030 Delta Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001

*many thanks to Jeannie for making me aware of this story this morning


  1. You stole my line, lol!!! But yeah, that's some shit alrighty!!! I had a commenter who said this happened to her husband and it took OVER A YEAR to be reimbursed! I'd be yakking my fool head off to CNN in a heartbeat!

    This is just so scummy, it makes Paris Hilton look like a saint!

  2. They're going to refund those soldiers. The press will eat them alive if they don't!

  3. Perks? Who are these people? I truly have no words on the levels of ridiculousness and disrespect this story carries.

  4. Apparently, you've never given these guys a lesson in how to make it rain at the Delta counter!

    The article I read stated that Delta's policy is to allow active military 3 bags per person for free (4 in first class). also said the agents have the ability to override the system and allow additional bags at their discretion. These guys were told they could bring 4 bags. It was not their mistake. What happened is total bullshit. Delta should be ashamed of themselves. I do my very best to avoid flying Delta anyway...but now I'm going to make it a point.

    As for the commenters on You Tube...well, people are assholes.

  5. I've been hearing about how wonderful Delta is for dropping charges for soldiers. Then I heard that they DID charge them and are not now because of the backlash. I hope they aren't still getting props for DROPPING charges they NEVER should have had.
    They should fly for free, too.

  6. Delta changed their policy effective immediately.

    Check out the blog on their website:

  7. Well delta, I'm never flying you again


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