Monday, February 14, 2011

Dorothy Parker Makes an Observation

I won't tell you how long I had to Google in order to find a Dorothy Parker quote that didn't refer to drinking, killing a man, or killing herself...but I finally found one that could, with a little leap of faith, be considered appropriate for Valentine's Day.

Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays.
Clutch it and it darts away. 
~Dorothy Parker

Oh Dorothy, I wonder how you celebrated Valentine's Day...
However, you make a good point. And it's very similar to a reading from our wedding. 

But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of heaven dance between you.
~Kahlil Gibran
The Prophet, On Marriage

Well, we certainly have our spaces between us this Valentine's Day, but it is not the first time and it won't be the last. Neal and I have been together for 6 years and we've spent 3 of those Valentine's Days together (I know this because we spent a valuable 15 minutes on the phone last night researching it. Sometimes I think we don't have enough to talk about. Maybe I should buy a ferret. That would liven things up a bit).

We have never been a couple that went overboard on Valentine's Day, especially since it's conveniently tucked between Christmas and the anniversary of our legendary first date in England. But some part of me is still 16 and still looks hopefully in my locker for a card, a rose, a shiny. This year, I took matters into my own hands, however, and secured myself a Coach. Ladies, don't be really love it when you buy yourself gifts and then write their names on them. Embrace this simple life truth whenever possible. 

You should also embrace the clearance bins and the extra 30% off coupons that they sometimes give out at the outlet stores. And if you score a coupon, you should embrace this as opportunity knocking and throw that door open wide to let it in. 

Yes, I wrapped it myself. What can I say? I like the sound of ripping wrapping paper.

Oh honey, it's exactly what I would have picked out! It's like we have the same brain! 

I think in the future, though, I'm going to extend the same "see it, love it, buy it for yourself" courtesy to Neal because I had an epic Valentine's Day fail yesterday. 
It's incredibly difficult to buy gifts for your Soldier when he is deployed. Sure iTunes gift cards are always appreciated, but something that is truly unique and practical? Impossible. Plus, they only have X amount of space in the 2 duffles to fit it all. I would send a Wii but where would he pack it? So, I gave up trying and went to Target. 
First, this is Chief HasNoRhythm and the positively fantastic remote-controlled car that he actually got for Christmas but received in the mail from his blushing bride, DivaV, yesterday. 
Truly manly and hardcore, yes? 
And this is Neal's box after opening and photographing its contents:
 A crap-ton of chocolate (because, oddly, the chow hall only serves dessert if there is a general who is dining in the facility. There is always dessert after dinner in our house. I can't let my husband's sweet tooth just decay) and a stuffed monkey. No remote-controlled car. No box of boyhood treasures...just a stuffed animal. *FAIL*
My only saving grace is that there is a tiny bit of significance tied to the monkey. 
A) I have the other one:
Together, their little feet spell out "LOVE"

2) The commander has been giving the officers some required reading in the form of managerial books...beginning with The One Minute Manger Meets the Monkey
However, it is still not the watch that James Bond wore or a remote-controlled yellow Hummer. I hope he doesn't get beat up in the showers. 
In unrelated news from Bliss, they have moved out to the second training location. This will be all field training and, fortunately, it seems the snow and uncharacteristically bitter cold temps are finally giving way to typical south Texas weather...60's and 70's during the day. I'm sure Neal would tell you that he is glad to be training in the sun, as opposed to the last 2 deployments, where he trained at Camp Atterbury, Indiana and Fort Drum, NY. During winter. 
Also, if you are looking for completely unromantic Valentine's Day posts today, check out Amanda's awesomeness @ It's Blogworthy. I think you'll agree: life sucks a lot less after reading it.  
Cheers and Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it is full of whatever or whomever you love the mostest!


  1. Okay, personally I think that damn monkey is ADORABLE! So there.
    And? He did real good on gettin' you an awesome gift! lol! :) I LOVE!

  2. That Monkey is something I would buy for us!! totally sweet. I dont' find any romance in Valentine's Day, but I do find it to be a very cute holiday. I used to ask for chocolate only. now I ask for clearance chocolate starting tomorrow.I would think chocolate and a sweet monkey would be MUCH more practical that an RC me..this is coming from a woman who has one parked in her very living room and had to be literally dusted off yesterday by the cleaning crew.

  3. First...I love that you wrapped your own present. That's too funny! Second, I'm sure that the chocolate was appreciated and the monkey is adorable.'s better than what J got...which is nothing but the romantic chicken wings he's having for dinner. So consider it a victory instead of a fail.

  4. Nice bag! Neal sure has great taste (in picking a woman who can be counted on to take some initiative).
    That monkey is way adorable, and I'm sure the chocolate was much appreciated after eating green fish every day.

  5. I am sure he loved it all. Better than me....I am only doing what I usually up a special dinner. But the man says he wants and needs nothing and he means it! So Have a Happy Valentine's Day...I'm sorry you have to be apart for it.

  6. I have purse envy....I NEED a new Coach!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day - Neal did so good he's such a great mind reader!!! :) oxox

  8. And they will break the neat remote-controlled car in no time - they are guys! You can't break the monkey! Happy Val's Day, Ally!

  9. I am sure your box of goodness was a big hit. I remember those days of trying to send care packages and it is tough!

  10. I like your Valentine's Day gifts To and From yourself! You did good, and that little monkey duo is terribly sweet.

    I'm so glad today's technology allows the two of you to communicate regularly!

  11. I'm sure the chocolate was greatly appreciated; especially after the horror that is chow hall "green" food!
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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