Friday, December 9, 2011

Champagne Friday: Random Thoughts

When I wrote my random last week, I mentioned that I knew there was more...I just couldn't remember the rest. Shana commented that keeping notes throughout the week was a must. Yeah...she was kind of right about that. So, here are this week's musings, in no particular order.

1. In Kentucky, we have glass shower doors in the master bath. As I was squee-geeing them, I started thinking about how I'm glad I only had to do that once a day. Because as beautiful as glass shower doors are, and as much as I've always wanted to have them, it's sort of a pain in the ass to have to clean them after every shower. And it really needs to be done after every shower because the guy who lived there before us did it...oh...maybe...once a month?? And you can tell. Which then begs the question: do professional window cleaners prefer glass doors or shower curtains? If I cleaned glass all day long, I don't think I would want to do it at home, too. Anyone out there clean glass for a living? Want to weigh in?

2. Earlier this week they had a story on CNN International about a car wreck somewhere in Europe. It was basically a pile-up on the interstate...except it only involved about 6 cars and the total damage was in the millions. Because it was a couple of Lamborghinis, 3 or 4 Ferraris, several BMWs...

and a Prius.

Neal's theory? The Prius is probably what caused the accident...going too slow.

3. The next story that morning was about a woman from Effin, Ireland who couldn't get her mail delivered because some company didn't really think she lived in a town from Effin. She exclaimed, in a huff, that "I will always be an Effin woman!"

Alrighty then. We'll just go ahead and cancel that sex change operation.

4. We are all caught up on the 5 or 6 shows we watch regularly (looking at you, Grimm...decided just to take off the week of Thanksgiving, did you?) so we've been perusing Hulu for new shows. I stumbled upon Destination: Truth earlier this week. The premise is based on the search for the truth behind urban legends. I am a freak for Myth Busters, so I thought I had hit a gold mine. Not so much. I can see with complete clarity how this pitch meeting went: Fraternity boy with his 3 frat brothers and a girlfriend walk into a meeting with the exec. They decide that getting a 9-5 out of college sounds like a drag and how much more fun would it be to travel the world and get a television network to fund it all? So, they promise to scour the earth debunking local legends and, essentially, ruining story telling for remote villages all over the eastern hemisphere. During the first episode (which is as far as we got), he traveled to Papua New Guinea and then on to a swampy village only accessible by helicopter or boat to dig up mermaid bones under a palm tree. If he can get a TV show, why can't I?

5. This conversation occurred on the way home from Michael's yesterday, after purchasing 2 of the Christmas village buildings (which, by the way, are 50% off right now).

Neal: This is great. Each year we can get a different one and eventually you'll have the whole set.
Me: But I already have a couple and they aren't from that collection.
Neal: Well you can start a new village with all of them from this collection.
Me: Don't you think that's kind of creepy?
Neal: What?
Me: Well, if you drove into a town where all of the buildings basically looked the same, you would be creeped out. Like you had arrived in a Stephen King town. Or The Twilight Zone.
Neal: hysterical laughter Yeah...I guess so...

Christmas is not about re-creating a Stephen King death village on our entry table. I win this one.

So, tell you agree? Do all of your village pieces match? Do you think the villages are lame? Would you prefer to own a Prius or a Lamborghini....

Happy Champagne Friday. Here's to 2 weeks and 2 days until Christmas! *clink*


  1. I've always wanted to go to Effin Ireland!!
    Notice the lack of comma...

  2. I HATE glass doors on the shower, they are the DEVIL! I have been lucky enough to not have to deal with them the last 2 places I have lived (+10 years) Plus, with curtains, you can have fun with them and change things up!

    And since i am busy/lazy and dont want to go back to your other post to comment: My mom TOTALLY made us clean up before the cleaning lady came!! Haha! But she didnt even let the cleaning lady touch our rooms, only the bathrooms, since they were a common use room. When my brother and I would protest, her argument was the cleaning lady's job was to do general upkeep, NOT to pick up our dirty laundry off the floor and take our dirty dishes downstairs. Her reasoning for not having her clean our rooms was that we werent old enough and hadnt been working/cleaning our whole lives so we hadnt earned the privelege of someone else doing the cleaning for us. I hated her for it then, but now I realize she was an evil genius!Haha!! Hey, my brother and I turned out to be neat freaks so it all worked out in the end! LOL.

  3. I *LOVE* squee-geeing the glass shower doors. My in-laws have glass doors on their guest bath and the squeegee is already in there as sort of a hinthint, clean the doors, nudgenudge. And I'm all DON'T MIND IF I DO!? There's just something about cleaning naked, and using squeegees. Someone should just get me a squeegee for Christmas.

    Also, I think Neal might be onto something with the whole Prius thing. Sorry!

    I hate dusting, so I don't do Christmas villages. I'm too lazy for that level of Christmas cheer, but *if* I did, there would be a variety of buildings because ghost towns freak me out.

  4. Kallay is right. I love to squeegee my bath naked! It's do decadent somehow.

    I'll take that Prius, if you are giving one away. Would kill for one.

  5. I think if I had a Lamborghini I would be afraid to drive it anywhere. Kind of like how my boss gave me a Burberry jacket that doesn't fit her anymore, but if I wear it out I'm afraid to take it off because I'll probably leave it somewhere.

    Though if someone were to just give me a really nice car, I'd probably get over the fear pretty quickly. And then get lots of tickets for speeding.

  6. I went through a a phase of squeegee-ing down the whole shower surround after a shower, but that didn't last too long. Especially since Phil always "forgot" to do it after his...
    My Mom was big on the Christmas villages, and they didn't match...but I don't think it was because it was creepy - I think she just bought whatever was on sale

  7. I've been in a dad's friend's jerky son had one and he drove me home once...and those things are hard to get in and out of. Now that I'm an old lady with lots of creaking joints, I'd have to go with the Prius...just for the fear that I'd get stuck in my car for a days at a time otherwise.

    Also...I love a Christmas someone else's house. That way I don't have to take it out and set it up and dust it and then put is all away. I can simply go to your house and admire yours and then go home and not have to dust it.

  8. You crack me up, girl. I'm with Shana on the last one. As much as I like looking at Christmas villages, I'd much rather see them at someone else's house.

    And I'd take the Prius every day :)

  9. Hate to be a buzz kill to the greenies but I'd choose the BMW or the Porsche over the Lambo or the Prius anyday! GIVE ME SPEED! ;)

    I think you should blend the village, where have you ever been that all the houses look the same unless you are in a sub division? ;) I also think you should get some zombie figures and deck them out in holiday garb to walk around the older village houses, just for a fun effect!

    Lastly - GRIMM love that damn show. Mike can't get into it. I think it's the whole "Law and Order" vibe that gets to him. And he has an issue with people all having special abilities in one location [his issue with True Blood too]. But I love it... but I feel like they are really getting away from the fairy tale stuff... I mean the dude w/ the B&B I thought it was Frog Prince but he was sort of a horny dude... literally? I could go on and on. ;)

  10. I'll keep my Malibu :)

    I've never thought of the Stephen King angle with Christmas villages, but I guarantee I'll never see another one without setting one of his stories into it!!


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