Friday, October 14, 2011

Champagne Friday: a break from Paris and the mother of all lists

Last year, Shana posted a "101 Things to Do in 1001 Days." Her trip to see me in Savannah last Halloween was all the motivation she needed to finish and the post the list...since there would be some crossing off of this list while she was down. Well, I find myself in a similar predicament now. I have been working on my own 101 things to do for almost a month...adding ideas or projects as they come to mind. However, one of the big ones, Do a Trash the Dress Photography Session is TOMORROW! And I decided that I should publish the list before there is something to cross off. So, I sat down with my cup of coffee yesterday morning and added those last 30 items.

The Rules: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. They must also be realistic and require some amount of work. I have 1001 days to complete these tasks...or roughly 2.75 years. And for some of them, that might be just enough time.

Deadline: July 12, 2014

(Also...tomorrow is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I will be posting a link to a blog that is doing a Wall of Names. But on Sunday, we're going back to Paris!) 

1.       Do “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” in NYC.
2.       Arrange a traveling dinner (either from home to home or restaurant to restaurant).
3.       Make glass beads from scratch. (Thank you, ATL Groupon for making this one possible.)
4.       Learn how to bead weave.
5.       Make a sheet music wreath.
6.       Knit/crochet a scarf.
7.       Do a 52-photo project. One photo per week for a year.
8.       Go to an NFL game.
9.       Create a Paleo Friendly cookbook for our kitchen.
10.   Attend Breakfast with the Works at Keeneland.
11.   Attend night racing at Churchill.
12.   Attend Picnic on the Porch at Woodford Reserve.
13.   Do a Trash the Dress photo session with my wedding dress.
14.   Move the business completely off of Facebook.
15.   Learn to make an alcohol (either wine or beer).
16.   Floss everyday for a month. (in hopes that it will become a habit. Not do it for a month and then stop)
17.   Take the picture framing class on base.
18.   Cook every meal for a week on Sundays…for a month.
19.   Participate in the Athens Food Tour in Athens, GA (do it on Saturday morning and get a trip to the Farmer’s Market).
20.   Attend art exhibit at High Art Museum in Atlanta.
21.   Take a month off from buying beads and use only the ones I already own (can buy more findings).
22.   Go to “School”…the sushi conveyor belt restaurant in Lexington.
23.   Learn how to give myself a proper pedicure.
24.   Attend VooDoo Fest in New Orleans. (Thank you, Shoes, for the idea!)
25.   Plant Shepherd’s rose bushes.
26.   Attend the Stanislaus Christmas Tour of Homes in Macon.
27.   Read something by James Joyce.
28.   Do a boudoir photo shoot.
29.   Do scrapbooks for London and Paris.  
30.   Wash my sheets every week for a month. (again, in hopes that it will become a habit instead of something I remember to do when they start to feel crusty)
31.   Get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. (SOOOOO close)
32.   Go through all of our CDs and donate to the on-base library anything we don’t want to keep.
33.   Go through all of our DVDs and donate to the on-base library anything we don’t want to keep.
34.   Phase out all household cleaners and replace with “green” cleaners.
35.   Ice skate at Rockefeller Center.
36.   Learn how to do smoky eye makeup.
37.   Do a day of service every 3 months for a year (but if it became a habit, that would be fantastic).
38.   Make my own wrapping paper.
39.   Buy dinner for a servicemember (anonymously).
40.   Take a train trip.
41.   Submit writing to Real Simple.
42.   Go to the KY Derby.
43.   Do NaNoWriMo.
44.   Hire Eli Rose to revamp Magnolias & Mimosas. (just 30 more days and I'm going back!)
45.   Purchase a sewing machine and classes.
46.   Finish the wedding scrapbook.
47.   Begin linking up my results from Pinterest crafts or recipes.
48.   Have Yoga Fridays (like when I was in high school!)
49.   Make the business completely self-sustaining.
50.   Find God. (OK, I know God but I just think we could have a better relationship. Something that involves more than just me praying for the people who need praying for.)
51.   Write my will and funeral wishes.
52.   Give everyone on my Christmas list something handmade...but not necessarily handmade by me.
53.   Go for a ride in a hot air balloon.
54.   Do a difficult corn maze.
55.   Go geocaching.
56.   Reinstate date night on the 22nd of each month.
57.   Purchase a brick to honor Shepherd.
58.   Attend a Josh Groban or Norah Jones concert.
59.   Compile all of the photos from mine and Neal’s childhood and put them into a scrapbook for our children to have.
60.   Begin clipping newspaper articles that I think are representative of a change in history.
61.   Host a Halloween party.
62.   Establish an “answer all emails and messages within 24 hours” policy. (already doing for business. Need to do it for everything).
63.   Create a line of upcycled jewelry with pieces from estate sales and auctions.
64.   Watch Firefly.
65.   Watch Breaking Bad.
66.   Attend a taping of Saturday Night Live (which, I’ve discovered, is no easy feat).
67.   Go to the gun range with Neal.
68.   Make a stack of cards for Get Well, Happy Birthday, Miss You, etc so I’m not always rushing out at the last minute for a card.
69.   Landscape the front yard at the townhouse.
70.   Contribute enough money to Wings for Our Troops to buy a plane ticket for a servicemember to fly home.
71.   Participate in at least 1 care package event at Military Missions per year.
72.   Have another baby.
73.   Spend all of the gift cards I have.
74.   Purchase beads from free trade organizations.
75.   Allow myself to read blogs and not feel the need to comment every single time.
76.   Go to the Farmer’s Market once a month for the week’s fruits and veggies.
77.   Keep Poppy’s ears clean (which means cleaning them at least once a month).
78.   Update all virus software on my computer every Sunday morning.
79.   Buy the Sunday paper and clip the coupons.
80.   Reply back to every comment I receive on my blog.
81.   Go through all of our photos on my laptop and the hard drive and delete any that I don’t want to keep forever and ever and ever.
82.   Back up all of my photos on my laptop.
83.   Back up both blogs.
84.   Redesign my business cards with the new logo.
85.   Read “Wine for Dummies” book.
86.   Delete a bunch of Facebook “friends”.
87.   Spend at least 30 minutes/day playing and brushing the girls.
88.   Install our dream master bedroom closet in the townhouse.
89.   Install a skylight in my office/nursery.
90.   Visit Canada.
91.   Create a signature drink.
92.   Take a photography class.
93.   Take a Photoshop class.
94.   Take a cake decorating class.
95.   Grow and maintain an herb garden through the summer.
96.   Walk out on the Sears Tower’s floating window.
97.   Print and live by the 10 Simple Steps to Staying Organized (from Pinterest) for a month (at least).
98.   Complete a Christmas craft with the glass blocks I bought last year.
99.   Participate in a community garden.
100.                        Take the horse farm tour of Lexington.
101.                        Make another list.


  1. So you HAVE to do #64 and #65 before #90.
    That being said, I hope those are among the first you cross off your list...

  2. Wow! I am totally impressed at the variety and shear mass of these. Does #44 mean Neal is nearly ready to come home? I've lost track of when 400 began. Hope all is well, and glad to have an excuse to share the champagne tonight.

  3. Sounds like you're going to HAVE to visit myself, Shana and Robyn! (We have a crazy corn maze right near hot air balloon rides, I know it's a stretch in that you don't HAVE to come here to do it, just putting it out there).

  4. So this is creepy, I was thinking today that I should challenge myself to floss everyday for a month. They say it helps ward off heart disease and it sounds like something I need to do.

    Love the list, Ally. I can't wait to see all you accomplish! :D

  5. Wow, you have thought about this stuff, haven't you! I keep thinking that if I had such a list it should include a hot-air balloon ride. But I'm a little nervous about it. Who knows, maybe one of these days....

  6. This is a great list! I am intrigued by the Voodoo Fest!!!

  7. What a great list! The flossing trust me will become habit. I was horrible about it and then went to the dentist and discovered I had a receding gum line - SUPER SCARY! It's all fixed up an I've been flossing DAILY ever since.

    I can't wait to see the Trash the Dress pictures! I have been thinking about doing that - question did you ever get yours dry cleaned after the event? I need to mine is completely black @ the bottom!


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