Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WW: His and Mine

More on this in the coming days, but the 352 is slowly taking over full-time for the unit that they are replacing. This means lots of meetings, lots of briefings and lots of PowerPoint slides. And for some, many hours on the road to other Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). In the meantime, Macon is celebrating its annual Cherry Blossom Festival. So, while the Soldiers were being briefed to death, the Army Wives of Macon went to the Cherry Blossom Festival Balloon Glow and, in short, had a blast.

And the best for last....

On Sunday, I went with Dane Cook's BabyDaddy to Savannah for the day. I had never been during the spring and Forsyth Park was oddly deserted...the perfect combination for some amateur photography!

I photographed this house so that Neal would know what to buy the next time he was in the market for a vacation home...

Au revoir, Savannah....until next time...
While we were enjoying the glowing balloons and spring in the south, the 352 was moving onward and upward in their mission to close down operations in Iraq...starting with relieving the outgoing unit.

More words to come when it's not Wordless Wednesday! Cheers!


  1. It's really wild to see the difference in the two worlds. I'm glad you've been keeping busy and having fun!

  2. Those balloons are gorgeous. I bet that was fun!

  3. What great sights to see! I still need to get my butt to Savannah or anywhere in Georgia [other than Atlanta] soon! The little wee southern belle inside me demands it!

    Neal is in my thoughts every day as are you my dear! ox

  4. I knew about Savannah, but not about the balloon festival. Now I'm even more sad that I wasn't there this past weekend!

  5. There is a beauty in the contrast of seeing what you got to go do and see and yet we go do and see under the protection of our


    Thank you Neal

    Love the photos

    that is all

  6. I'll have to see if my friend visited that Balloon fest (she lives in Macon). I have heard about the Cherry Blossom festival and heard it's beautiful.

    Glad to see you are doing well, hun. Sending much love your way.

  7. Such beautiful pictures! I'm so jealous. I would LOVE to go to Savannah.
    That hot air balloon with the flag...that's amazing. Love it.

  8. ahh Savannah. Love it!

    I just love these WW posts with your pictures and his pictures. A picture says a thousand words. Which I guess is the point of a WW post, although I can't get through one without at LEAST 30 words. I'm wordy and nerdy I guess.

  9. Do you go up in the balloons or just walk through them? I have a slight (huge) fear of falling, not heights, from great heights so I'm curious what a hot air balloon ride is like.

  10. Sorry for Neal but glad you had took some great pics! I love your future vaca home ;-) Have you ever been to the balloon glow/Spoonbread festival in Berea?

  11. love the contrast here... the playfulness of spring in the south - balloons, fountains, flowers.... verses the barrenness of the desert and the work that needs to be done.

  12. Gorgeous Savannah photos. I love old houses like that! There's one where I grew up that I point out to Brian every time we pass it with instructions to buy it for me someday. =)


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